Main Products

Intelligent bus terminal integration, GPS announcer, MDVR, LED bus signs, LED bus intelligent electronic stop sign,
wireless LED advertising system, GPS positioning terminal, wireless data transmission module and a full range of products for wireless applications.

Vehicle LED series

* BUS LED destination signs
* Bus stop station LED display
* TAXI car dome LED display
* TAXI rear window LED display

Intelligent Vehicle Terminal

* Public bus intelligent dispatching terminal
* Vehicle mobile DVR
* GPS automatic bus stop announcer
* GPS positioning monitor system
* LCD monitor

Wireless LED series

* BUS wireless LED information advertising system
* TAXI wireless LED information advertising system
* BUS Arrival and Departure information wireless LED information
* Bus stop station LED display (Estimated Time of Arrival)
* wireless LED information advertising system(Non vehicular applications)

Wireless Data Transceiver

* GPRS wireless data transceiver
* 3G wireless data transceiver (WCDMA/TD/EVDO 3G)
* GSM short message data transceiver
* RF wireless data transceiver
* DTR920:20mW,800 meters transmission distance
* DTR1000:800mW,2000 meters transmission distance